150% growth for webcam models

Let's face it, 2020 has been a strange old year, which seemed like a new doomsday event happening every month from January, wild fires, shootings and a global virus pandemic to name a few. This saw whole national economies fall further than they have since most records began, with many people loosing their 'stable jobs' and out of work. People had to think on their feet and discover new ways they can make money from home.

The search term on google: Make money from home, doubled in the amount of users were searching in the month of March 2020. This then lead to more people looking through different ideas of what they could do to make more money from the comfort of their home, especially with all the 'government guidelines' advising us to stay inside our own homes and 'wash your hands' - some really great advice there, cheers Borris... :)

So now that pretty much everyones plans for 2020 have gone through the window, jobs unfortunately lost, not sure on how long this covid virus pandemic will last..

While more people continued to dig through google and find ways of increasing their income from home, it lead to more search terms like: What is a webcam model? Can I make money on webcam? How much money do cam girls make? What is a cam model? How do you become a cam girl? Adult work jobs near me? What is the best webcam model sites in the UK? ETC ETC

As you can imagine, webcam modelling sign ups grew by over 150% in the month of March 2020.

Having no signs of slowing down including a rapid increase of users tuning in for live shows and spending money, it's probably one of the best times to become a webcam model and reap the benefits of all these new viewers looking to spend money on having a good time with you.

We have new cam girls earning over £5000 per week! Yes that's right, imagine being paid that amount of money week in week out, you would be earning more than most doctors and highly paid professionals. As long as your confident and willing to give it a go, I don't see how you couldn't achieve the same if not more, you just have to give it a go and find out!



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