Tips for saying hello to new members!

Streamate is seeing a high rate of new sign-ups, which means now is the perfect time to meet new faces and pick up fans! We’ve collected a few tips and reminders to help you make a good first impression and encourage repeat visitors.

Use Notes to Remember New Faces

If you spot a member you haven’t met, say hello and start a conversation. Click the folder icon next to the member’s name to leave a note, which can help you remember them and their preferences. If a member with a note returns later, the folder icon will be yellow. Hover over the icon to see your latest note, or click it to see all notes.

Check For Language Preferences

Our new members are coming in from all over the world, and many have selected a preferred language. If you speak a non-English language, hover over the folder icon next to any member’s name to see if a language preference has been set. If you see a language you know, surprise them by starting a conversation!

Set Your Chat Room’s Mood

Whether you’re feeling sexy or playful, set a mood in your room that members remember and want to come back to. This may include setting a room topic, playing music, or changing costumes. It also means taking a break when you need one so you can come back feeling fresh for your viewers.

Get Rid Of Bad Customers

It pays to be friendly to new faces, but remember that you’re always in control of your chat room. If you don’t want a guest in your room, hover over the folder icon next to their name. Use “Kick” to remove them temporarily, or use “Block” to prevent them from coming back. If a member is breaking site rules, use “Report” and leave a quick note for our team to review later.

Invite Them to Come Back

After getting to know a new member, tell them you’d love to see them again! Share your schedule so they know when to drop by. Let them know they can mark you as a favorite so they can see when you’re online, and encourage them to message you so you can message back.

We hope these tips have given you a few ideas to try out over the next few weeks. With so many new members coming in each day, you can try many different tactics and find out what works best for you! Cammodels x Streamate



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